Manta Mirror Hairbrush (Blue)

Brand: MANTA


An anti-breakage, flexible hairbrush with built-in mirror

Now available with an built-in mirror, this innovative brush which moulds to the shape of your hand, the Manta Hairbrush minimises the tension placed on each strand to reduce damage and breakage.

Gliding beautifully through your hair, it also massages your scalp to promote healthier growth. Anyone looking for impressive shine will certainly enjoy this brush but it is particularly beneficial for those experiencing hair loss, thinning and split ends.

Also a fabulous choice for brushing fine hair or extensions, the Manta boasts a soft-touch surface and reduces frizz via its anti-static properties.

Why not gently stroke your tresses rather than rake them? We think you will fall in love with this fine brush the very first time you use it!


  • Moulds to your hand
  • Built-in mirror design allows you to style while on the move
  • Reduces breakage
  • Minimises damage
  • Perfect for fine hair and extensions
  • Ideal for brushing thinning hair
  • Tames frizz
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