Mavala Claw Tweezers Deluxe Gold Plated

Brand: Mavala

RRP: £11.00
(You save £1.81 )

Pluck away the strands

Remove problem hairs with these high-end Mavala Claw Tweezers with a Deluxe Gold Plated design that makes it look like it belongs in Hollywood.

Your go-to item when certain little hairs have escaped your razor or waxing strips. The gold plated tips will gently hold onto your tiny little hairs without slipping or breaking, making the pluck a little bit easier.

These tweezers are small enough to keep on your person or in your makeup bag for those times you have missed a hair and not realised until you have left your house.


  • Lifetime manufacturer guarantee
  • Compact
  • Deluxe gold plated grips
  • Gently holds onto your hairs
  • Easy hair removal
  • Gets rid of unwanted, stray hairs other products might struggle to grip and remove

How to Use

Grip the stray hair between the tips of the tweezers and always pluck in the direction that your hair grows. 

Use these tweezers for hair removal only.

UK delivery only
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