Mavala Curved Cuticle Scissors

Brand: Mavala

RRP: £21.50
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Clip those hangnails with ease

If you are constantly picking and poking at your skin surrounding your nail, or if you have the bad habit of biting your nails, chances are you have encountered this frustrating and annoying little thing known as a hangnail.

Mavala has the solution to get rid of those unwanted hangnails. With these Curved Cuticle Scissors, you can trim away those undesirable hangnails with ease to stop you picking at your desk.

These Curved scissors come securely packaged and are essential for anyone who has the bad habit of picking or biting their fingers.


  • Lifetime manufacturer guarantee
  • High quality hardened drop forged steel
  • Trims unwanted hangnails
  • Each of the scissor blades are individually sharpened by hand

How to Use

These Curved Cuticle Scissors are the ideal scissors to trim your hangnails. Use only for trimming your hangnails.

Warning: Avoid dropping these scissors as that can damage the blade alignment, and avoid cutting overgrown cuticles as this can cause infections.

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