Mavala Curved Nail Scissors

Brand: Mavala

RRP: £21.50
(You save £2.71 )

Compact and Curved Nail Scissors

Mavala has done it again by bringing a high-end pair of Curved Nail Scissors to the market. These Curved Nail Scissors will assist you in your time of distress if your nail has an unwelcome chip or if you have just forgotten to cut your nails in a while. These nail scissors will cut your nails to perfection and will straighten up any jagged edges.

These little scissors are a must-have for any makeup bag, as you never know when you might have a nail emergency.


  • Lifetime manufacturer guarantee
  • Each of these blades are individually sharpened
  • Provides a clean cut
  • Shape your nails
  • Keeps your nails looking healthy
  • Compact design
  • Ideal for chipped nails
  • Beauty salon quality scissors

How to Use

To avoid damaging the nail plate, please cut the narrow pieces straight across your tip.

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