Mavala Eye Contour Gel 15ml

Brand: Mavala

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Protects the delicate skin around your eyes

Lightweight and boasting a wonderfully refreshing feel, Mavala Eye Contour Gel takes care of your most delicate skin. Infused with cornflower water, the gel feels wonderfully soothing as it protects the fragile skin around your eyes. The glucidic complex is included to enhance moisture retention throughout the day. The result is a more youthful look and stimulated micro-circulation.

Providing the perfect base for your make-up, the gel beautifully pampers your skin and you can prolong the benefits by using Eye Contour Double Cream at night. Revitalised, nourished and radiant eyes will considerably lift your look.


  • Lightweight and gentle
  • Protects delicate skin around the eyes
  • Infused with cornflower water
  • Features the glucidic complex
  • Perfect base for make-up

How to Use

  • Apply a thin coat of gel around the eyes
  • Smooth over the lower eyelids from inside corners outwards
  • Then, smooth over upper eyelids
  • Lightly pat on lower and upper eyelids to stimulate micro-circulation
  • Apply before make-up or to soothe the eye in the morning
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