Mavala Eyebrow Pencil

Brand: Mavala


Easily edit your eyebrows

Throughout the years, eyebrow styles have changed from thin to bushy. Stars of the time in the 1920’s, like Anna May Wong, styled her eyebrows to appear pencil-thin. In the 1960’s Audrey Hepburn took centre stage with her natural eyebrow appearance and since then trends revolving around eyebrows have changed.

Now there are eyebrows that are all shapes and sizes, from thin and sleek to full and bushy, whatever your style you always need a handy eyebrow pencil on hand to fill in small imperfections.

This Eyebrow pencil by Mavala not only gives you the chance to create subtle or dramatic looking eyebrows but allows you to create precise strokes that go into creating a natural look. The pencil has the crayon on one side of the pencil whilst the other has the brush in which you can use to style your brows into the perfect shape.

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  • Emphasises your facial features
  • Firm and non-greasy texture
  • Creates a neat application
  • Allows for small and precise strokes
  • Does not overload the eyebrow hair
  • Keeps your brows looking natural
  • Contains Vitamin E
  • One side the crayons lead
  • The other side contains a spiral brush for styling

Directions for Use

Ideally, you should apply this eyebrow pencil in small strokes in the direction in which your eyebrows grow.

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