Mavala Eyeliner 5ml

Brand: Mavala


Precise finish and flawless design

Eyeliner has been around since the 1920’s, as it is said that many Egyptian males and female used eyeliner to enhance their natural features. Back then eyeliner was made from Kohl, luckily we have moved onto other ingredients as well as other methods to apply it with more precision.

Take this 5ml bottle of Mavala Eyeliner, for example, an eyeliner that has been specifically created for the delicate area of your eyelids. This eyeliner makes it easier for you to apply fine lines without the fear of smudging, as the brush enables a precise line to be drawn.

Several shades are available, for example, black, brown, purple, blue and white – can you pick your favourite?


  • Perfect for the delicate area of the eyelids
  • Easy application
  • Creates fine lines with ease
  • No smearing

How to Use

  • Get as close to the lashes as possible, and then draw a line
  • On the upper eyelid, it is advised to start at the inside corner and draw towards the edge
  • If you desire, repeat on lower lid
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