Mavala Lip Base 10ml

Brand: Mavala

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Protects lips and reduces lipstick smudging

Mavala Lip Base is an innovative product which delivers two great benefits for your lips. Light and easily absorbed, the base forms a barrier to protect your lips from dryness, chapping and cracking whilst prolonging the look of your lip colour.

Unlike the rest of your skin, your lips lack the sebaceous glands which maintain the skin’s natural barrier. In consequence, your lips are more vulnerable to the effects of the elements and so require greater protection. Enriched with shea butter, bisabolol, allantoin and mallow extract, this base ensures that your lips remain soft and supple when they might otherwise begin to dry out. The innovative formula also features fixing agents which reduce lipstick smudging so that your colour lasts for longer and remains incredibly vibrant.


  • Protects lips from dryness and chapping
  • Reduces lipstick smudging
  • Enhances vibrancy of lip colour
  • Enriched with shea butter, bisabolol, allantoin and mallow extract
  • Easily absorbed

Directions for Use

  • Apply lip base to clean lips
  • Apply using your fingertips
  • Wait a few minutes before applying lipstick
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