Mavala Manicure Pills

Brand: Mavala


Water softening tablets for smoothing cuticles before manicuring

Ideal for use with the Mavala Manicure Bowl, the Mavala Manicure Pills transform your tap water into a softening solution. Simply pop a pill into the water, wait for it to dissolve and then soak your fingers. Your cuticles will become softer and easier to roll back before you complete your manicure. Designed to help professionals to achieve the perfect look, these handy little pills could make all the difference to your results and certainly make life easier!


  • Designed for professional manicurists
  • Soften tap water
  • Make cuticles easier to roll back

Directions for Use

  • Fill a bowl with lukewarm water
  • Add a pill
  • Wait for it to dissolve
  • Soak fingers for a few minutes
  • Remove softened cuticles with a manicure stick
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