Mavala Nail Clippers

Brand: Mavala


Clean cut nails

If you love keeping your nails tidy and clean, then you need to get your hands on these Nail Clippers with Mavala. These clippers, with sharpened blades, are perfect for both fingernails and toenails so that you can obtain perfectly cut nails.

When you use these sturdy nail clippers you are able to gain a clean cut, at the length you desire. These Mavala clippers are a great addition to any makeup bag.


  • Lifetime manufacturer guarantee
  • Ensures a clean and neat cut
  • Sturdy, compact and portable

How to Use

These Nail Clippers by Mavala are the ideal clippers to have on hand when you need to cut your nails down to size. To use, cut narrow pieces straight across the tip, this avoids damaging the nail plate.

Warning: Avoid dropping these clippers as that can damage the blade alignment.

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