Mavala Revive Chipping & Dull Polish Kit

Brand: Mavala

RRP: £24.50
(You save £1.51 )

Prevent chipping and nail polish dulling between manicures keeping your nails looking their best at all times.


  • Mavala 002, is a double action base coat which protects nail against the colour pigments of nail polish and fixes it for a long lasting effect.
  • Colorfix, a nail polish fixator which forms an extra-shiny, hard and flexible (acryl) film to avoid nail polish chipping.
  • Cuticle Remover, a thixotropic product that softens cuticles and helps roll them back and remove dead skin.

Free gifts:

  • Hand Cream 30ml, non-sticky hydrating cream for dry, damaged and sensitive skin.
  • Mini Nail Files, pack of six recommended for fragile nails.
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