Mavala Straight Nail Scissors

Brand: Mavala

RRP: £21.50
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Sharpened Hardened Drop Forged Steel Nail Scissors

Nails are fascinating, they grow 2.5mm every month hence why it is important to cut your nails every other week. These Straight Nail Scissors by Mavala make it easier for you to keep your nails from getting wild and out of control. With the individually sharpened blades, you can cut your nails to perfection so that they are the length you are comfortable with.


  • Lifetime manufacturer guarantee
  • Must have for everyone’s make-up bag
  • High-quality material
  • Provides a clean cut
  • Each blade is individually sharpened
  • Compact and portable
  • Securely packaged
  • Essential item for anyone who picks their nails

How to Use

These Straight Nail Scissors are the ideal scissors to cut your nails if you want to perfectly shape your nail. Ideally, cut narrow pieces across the tip of your nail, this helps to avoid damaging your nail plate.

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