Mavala Toe Nail Nippers

Brand: Mavala

RRP: £35.00
(You save £5.01 )

Drop Forged Hardened Steel Nail Nippers

If you are seeking a high-quality toenail clipper that will nip the sharp points away with ease and delicacy, then this steel Toe Nail Nipper by Mavala is the best piece of beauty equipment for you. This mini mechanism will shape your toenail in the way you desire, and if used right it avoids damaging your nail plate.

These toenail nippers ensure that you get that clean and neat cut you desire to bring your nails up to a fashionable style.


  • Lifetime manufacturer guarantee
  • High quality hardened drop forged steel
  • Ensures a clean cut
  • Keep your nails primp and proper

How to Use

  • Always be cautious when cutting nails
  • Cut narrow pieces of your toenails straight across the tip of the nail
  • Cutting straight across the tip helps to avoid damaging the nail plate
  • After cutting your nails, you should ideally follow with a Mavala emery board
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