Mii Complete Cream Concealer

Brand: Mii

RRP: £14.50
(You save £1.55 )

Smooth and creamy concealer with botanical extracts

Banish the effects of late nights and breakouts in an instant with this fabulous must-have from Mii! Wonderfully smooth and enriched with botanical extracts, Mii Complete Cream Concealer is the ultimate master of disguise. Covering up everything that stands between you and that coveted flawless complexion, it ensures that annoying imperfections are vanished away while preserving your look all day. You won’t experience any dryness and the refined formula simply glides onto your skin. 

Your make-up collection isn’t complete without the right concealer and this is the right concealer!


  • Balances any redness
  • Neutralises breakouts
  • Creates an even complexion

How to Use

  • Always apply over a primer or base
  • Apply small dabs of concealer to the area you wish to cover
  • Blend using a concealer brush
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