MineTan Endurance Ready Self Tan Foam 200ml


Longer-lasting tan which tones and firms your skin

Perfect for all skin types, MineTan Endurance Ready Self Tan Foam delivers a long-lasting tan in just one hour.

Conceived for active people, the tan complements your hard work at the gym and helps to highlight your beautiful body. Enriched with caffeine and guarana, the formula stimulates blood flow to problem areas and gives your skin a firmer, slimmer and more toned appearance. There will be no unpleasant orange tones or fake tan aroma and this moisturising foam features valuable antioxidants to take care of your skin. We know you will love your gorgeous colour which will last for up to ten days.

You can choose the depth of your tan with this fast-acting foam. Shower after one hour for a natural look or leave on for longer to achieve a deeper tan.


Tans in one hour
• Moisturises your skin
• Lasts up to 10 days
• Enriched with caffeine and guarana
• No fake tan aroma
• No unpleasant orange tones

How to Use

  • Apply to clean and exfoliated skin
  • Apply using a mitt
  • Use approximately 40ml per full body tan (4-6 tans per bottle)
  • Use sparingly on elbows, knees and ankles
  • Wash hands after use
  • Rinse tanned skin 1-3 hours after application
  • Shower after one hour for a natural tan
  • Leave on for longer to achieve a deeper finish
  • Shower in lukewarm water for 45 seconds and do not use soap
  • Tan continues to develop for 24 hours
  • Shower normally after 8-16 hours
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Paraben Free
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