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A gift bag set for healthy nails and nourished, hydrated skin

Featuring Nailique's Formula 2, Oil Therapy and Hand Conditioner, this sleek cosmetic bag makes the perfect gift and includes all the essentials by Nailtiques for healthy, strong nails and hydrated, nourished hands. 

Nailtiques Formula 2 7ml: Nails that are soft, peeling, split or just will not grow will see marked improvement when treated with Formula 2. This formula consists of a unique blend of protein and conditioners. The protein immediately acts to help bond nails that are splitting or peeling. Formula 2 also helps to strengthen the nail resulting in long, strong and healthy nails.

Oil Therapy 4ml: A delicate blend of vitamin-enriched oils specially formulated to prevent and treat brittle nails and cuticles naturally. Cuticles are softened by replenishing the skin's natural oils. When used over wet polish, the oil acts as a drying agent to help set polish. This is an excellent product for toenails that are dry and flaking.

Hand Conditioner 28g: A highly concentrated combination of pure aloe and jojoba oils that rehydrates and conditions the hand and cuticle area. This nourishing creme has been formulated to soften cuticles and skin without softening the nails. 


  • Promotes healthy, strong nails 
  • Comes in a stylish, sleek cosmetics bag
  • Boosts hydration in the skin
  • Softens the cuticles and skin 

Please note: This product can only be delivered within the UK

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