Nioxin Night Density Rescue Leave-in Night Serum 70ml

Brand: Nioxin

RRP: £45.00
(You save £10.35 )

Address hair loss by boosting hair density overnight

Scalp surface oxidation has been associated with hair fall - Night Density Rescue from Nioxin helps to combat the negative effects and is proven to promote hair density. When you wake up to too much hair on your pillow in the morning, it may be down to scalp surface oxidation. This condition has long been associated with hair fall like this.  The antioxidant effects of Nioxin Night Density Rescue Leave-in Night Serum helps to reduce these effects.


  • Easy to apply – leave in overnight for best results
  • Promotes fuller, thicker looking hair
  • Suitable for men and women
  • NIOXYDINE24 formula gives effective results
  • Combats the effect of scalp oxidation

The leave-in treatment is easy to apply – simply use the pipette to place drops at intervals throughout your hair, then massage in gently, brush through, and simply go to bed. The NIOXYDINE24 based formula goes to work while you rest, and can result, over a three-month period, in the former, thicker looking hair.

Works for men and women who suffer from overnight hair loss resulting from scalp oxidation.

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