Nioxin Scalp Protect Serum 6x 8ml

Brand: Nioxin

RRP: £22.30
(You save £4.65 )

Protective pre-colouring treatment

Colouring your hair can seriously impact your delicate scalp, preventing you from colouring your hair again. Dermatologically tested, Nioxin Scalp Protect Serum is a pre-colour treatment which shields your scalp from stress. Boasting a pH value similar to your scalp, the treatment features advanced NioProtect technology with anti-irritation ingredients and so is wonderfully kind to your skin. Ensuring that the oxidative properties of colourings do not affect your scalp, the serum enables you to colour in greater confidence every time.

Don’t forget to take care of your scalp! This pack of six treatments a must-have investment that could make all the difference.


  • Protects your scalp
  • Anti-irritation ingredients
  • Prevents oxidative stress
  • Pack of six

How to Use

  • Apply the contents of a single tube drop by drop every 2-3cm before colouring your hair
  • Gently massage in
  • Dry any wet residue
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