Nioxin System 1 Cleanser Shampoo (Various Sizes)

Brand: Nioxin


Daily use shampoo to boost body in thinning hair

Enhancing the volume of every strand, Nioxin System 1 Cleanser Shampoo gives thinning hair a denser look.

The advanced formula removes the sebum, fatty acids and impurities which block hair follicles. Also lifting away product build-up, the shampoo gently cleanses without stripping your hair of essential oils. Your locks will appear much fuller and will be fortified against damage and breakage. Hair loss will be reduced whilst natural ingredients refresh your scalp and create a healthier environment in which your hair can thrive. You will love the improved texture and added shine and your tresses will be revitalised for a fuller and more vibrant appearance.

Suitable for normal to fine, thinning hair, this advanced cleanser is best used in conjunction with Nioxin System 1 Scalp Therapy Revitalizing Conditioner and could make all the difference!


  • Perfect for thinning hair
  • Suitable for normal to fine hair
  • Adds volume
  • Reduces breakage and strengthens
  • Removes sebum and impurities
  • Enhances shine

Directions for Use

  • Apply shampoo to wet hair and massage into your hair and scalp for 1 minute
  • Rinse well
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