NKD SKN Natural Gradual Tan Lotion with Caramel Tint - Dark 200ml

NKD SKN Natural Gradual Tan Lotion with Caramel Tint - Dark 200ml



A no-transfer, no-odour gradual deep tan lotion

The NKD SKN Gradual Glow Daily Tan Lotion with Caramel Tint (Dark) lets you develop a deep and natural bronze faux tan with ease. 100% organic and cruelty free, the lotion contains Aloe Vera for increased hydration and enhanced skin texture and Pomegranate and Raspberry that help improve the condition of the skin and assist in achieving a smooth and regulated finish.

NKD SKN’s Odour Remove™ Technology means there is no tell-tale fake tan smell as well as there being no colour transfer to sheets or clothing.

Apply and wait 4-8 hours for a flawless colour to appear and continue to re-apply on a daily basis until you achieve the depth of colour that you truly desire. With a no patch gradual fade, no one will ever know your skin glow secret.


  • Get a natural -looking glow within 4-8 hours
  • 100% organic and cruelty free
  • No smell or colour transfer
  • Boosts skin hydration, firms and helps fight against signs of ageing
  • Ability to reapply until you have your desired shade

Directions for Use

  • Exfoliate thoroughly
  • Apply to the body, ensuring you haven’t used any additional moisturising products prior to application
  • Wait for at least 6 hours for the colour to develop before showering
  • Apply daily until you have your desired look
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