Old Spice Original Eau de Toilette Spray 100ml

Brand: Old Spice


A classic male fragrance with an oriental, spicy aroma

Featured in a classic, opaque bottle with retro charm, Old Spice Original by Shulton Company is a masculine fragrance from the Oriental Spicy olfactory family that the firm launched in 1938 with perfumer Albert Hauck.

A characteristic fragrance. The classic composition of oriental and spicy notes creates a distinctive and unique scent. Wear this legendary fragrance daily, on any occasion, because it has always been there and its excellent hold will make it never leave you. 

Top Notes: Aldehydes, Spices, Clary Sage, Orange, Lemon
Heart Notes: Geranium, Heliotrope, Jasmine, Pimento, Cinnamon
Base Notes: Ambergris, Benzoin, Musk, Tonka bean, Vanilla

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