Orly Black Board Medium 180 Grit

Brand: ORLY


An effective and durable board for reducing filing time

Refine, shorten and shape your nails to perfection with the wonderful Orly Black Board Medium 180 Grit!

Developed for natural and artificial nails, this file quickly files nails to the desired shape so you can easily achieve amazing nails with a sleek finish.


  • Shapes, re-shapes and shortens nails
  • Great addition to your beauty collection
  • 180 grit file
  • Suitable for natural and artificial nails

How to Use

  • Ensure nails are dry
  • File nail in one direction
  • Use even strokes
  • Begin at the corner of the nail and work towards the centre
  • Use light pressure to tidy nails and heavier pressure to shorten them
  • Wash files regularly in soapy water
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