ORLY Lilac Crystal Nail File Set

Brand: ORLY

RRP: £14.95
(You save £2.06 )

Beautifully presented nail file set with iridescent pouch

Refine, shorten and shape your nails to perfection with the wonderful ORLY Lilac Crystal Nail File Set! An amazing gift, if you can bear to part with it, this gorgeous set features two files made from crystal which deliver incredible edges every time. You will love the iridescent pouch and it can be slipped into your toilet bag or clutch to ensure that you can create your dream nails wherever you happen to be.

It’s easy to achieve amazing nails with a sleek finish, so don’t miss out on the ORLY Crystal Nail File Set which would be a fabulous addition to your beauty collection.


  • Shapes, re-shapes and shortens nails
  • Made from crystal for the perfect edge
  • Gorgeous iridescent pouch
  • Highly portable set
  • 2 crystal files included

How to Use

  • Ensure nails are dry
  • File nail in one direction
  • Use even strokes
  • Begin at the corner of the nail and work towards the centre
  • Use light pressure to tidy nails and heavier pressure to shorten them
  • Wash files regularly in soapy water
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