Orly Nailtrition (9ml & 18ml)

Brand: ORLY

£7.85 - £15.95

A nail growth treatment for damaged nails

Repair and strengthen your nails with Orly Nailtrition 18ml treatment.

Enriched with natural minerals, this is the perfect treatment for restoring nails after acrylics and for stubborn nails that just won't grow.

Featuring Orly's Gripper Cap™ for easy application every time, this intensive strengthener helps to rebuild the nails to a strong and healthy condition which are less prone to breakages.    


  • Prevents nails from splitting and peeling
  • Restores nails to strong, healthy condition 
  • Ideal for post-acrylic/damaged nails
  • Reduces nail breakage
  • Available in 9ml and 18ml sizes

How to Use

  • Week one: Apply 1-2 coats daily
  • Remove at the end of the week
  • Week two: Repeat process
  • Repeat two week program as necessary, waiting one week before reapplication

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