Orly Zebra Foam Board

Brand: ORLY


A durable and double sided nail file for quick filing and shaping

Refine, shorten and shape your nails to perfection with the Orly Zebra Foam Board!

This double sided file features a 100 grit side for quick filing and shaping and a medium 180 grit side for smoothing edges to achieve a flawless finish.


  • Quickly files and shapes nails
  • Great addition to your beauty collection
  • 100 and 180 grit sides
  • Double sided design

How to Use

  • Ensure nails are dry
  • File nail in one direction
  • Use even strokes
  • Begin at the corner of the nail and work towards the centre
  • Use light pressure to tidy nails and heavier pressure to shorten them
  • Wash files regularly in soapy water
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