Orofluido Amazonia Mask

Brand: Orofluido

£15.59 - £25.99

A deep conditioning treatment that repairs damage

The Orofluido Amazonia Mask 250ml is a high potency deep conditioning treatment for hair that looks revitalised, restored and full of vitality.

Containing keratin, the mask works from deep within the root to restore condition from the inside to the outer shaft. Restoring the hair to its natural state means optimum shine and gloss, with hair becoming more manageable and easier to style. Working on repairing any signs of damage, this rich formulation is results driven for noticeably enriched hair condition. Healthy and full of bounce, your hair is restored to its most beautiful best, increasing your confidence and leaving you ready to face the day ahead.


  • A deep conditioning treatment for noticeable results
  • Contains keratin that restores vitality from deep within the hair shaft
  • Hair looks healthier, shinier and is more manageable

Directions for Use

Massage gently into wet hair and leave to work for 4 to 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

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