OSMO Beard Complex 100ml


RRP: £16.00
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Versatile conditioning oil for beards, hair and skin

A fabulous all-in-one treatment, OSMO Beard Complex works wonders on your beard, hair and skin. Enriched with argan oil and vitamins, the intensely nourishing oil tames your wayward beard and conditions your hair for a healthy look and greater control. Applied to fading tattoos, it helps brings the colours back to life and boasts a refreshing grapefruit aroma. Also moisturising dry areas of skin, Beard Complex is the versatile choice that you won’t want to be without.


  • Tames beards
  • Conditions hair
  • Moisturises dry skin
  • Enhances colour in tattoos
  • Enriched with argan oil

How to Use

  • Rub a few drops between your palms
  • Massage into your beard or hair
  • Apply once a day to areas of dry skin and massage in
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