OSMO Blinding Shine Definer 40ml

Brand: OSMO

RRP: £7.25
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A texturizing stick for sculpting and separating hair

OSMO have specifically designed this product to fit into their diverse range of creative styling products, which encourage your own hair personality. The shine definer is a lightweight gloss stick.  When applied to the hair, it allows for separating and sculpting into your own unique style. The lightweight formula can be easily applied to add a high gloss finish.


  • Lightweight
  • Reduces frizz
  • Allows sculpting
  • Great for separating curls
  • Moisturising coconut oil
  • High shine
  • Smooth results

Smooth results are achieved by the moisturising properties of the added coconut oil. Once nourished by the oil, hair becomes tamed and less frizzy; promoting a healthy shiny finish. Perfect for working with on dry or damp hair, to create your own look.

Directions for Use

  • Apply to dry hair
  • Warm by rubbing between your palms
  • Smooth down flyaway hair
  • Apply to the ends for definition
  • Or smooth through damp hair and blow dry
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