Osmo Super Silver No Yellow Shampoo 300ml



Shampoo for strengthening superlightened, grey and bleached hair

Featuring a sulphate free formula, the OSMO Super Silver No Yellow Shampoo 300ml is designed to protect and strengthen superlightened, grey and bleached hair to visibly extend the life of the colour. Formulated with violet pigments which help remove unwanted yellow tones, hair colour is restored leaving beautifully radiant and healthy results. Can be used on both natural and synthetic hair. 


  • Sulphate free formula
  • Protects and strengthens the hair
  • Boosts radiance 
  • Suitable for grey, bleached and superlightened hair 

How to Use

  • Apply to wet hair 
  • Ensure full coverage
  • Leave-in for 1-5 minutes 
  • Rinse well 
  • Repeat process if necessary
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