Patisserie de Bain Blackcurrant & Apricot Coulis Duo

Brand: Patisserie de Bain

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Fizzing fragrance for your bath with nourishing cocoa and shea butters

Enhancing your relaxation whilst gently moisturising your skin, the Patisserie de Bain Blackcurrant & Apricot Coulis Duo adds a new dimension to bath time.


  • Beautifully presented
  • Gorgeous gift
  • Infused with cocoa and shea butters
  • Moisturises your skin
  • Lovely fruity fragrance

Featuring two wonderful layers, these gorgeous little treats gently dissolve when placed in the bath. The base starts to fizz and delivers the wonderful fruity yet sweet fragrance of blackcurrant and apricot whilst the creamy topping begins to nourish your skin with cocoa and shea butters. Your skin will feel beautifully silky and you can revel in the uplifting aroma.

Your bath time is an important period of relaxation when you can recharge your batteries and take care of your skin. This duo of fabulous fruity delights will ensure that you get the most out of this precious time so that you can look and feel at your best once more.

Directions for Use

  • Take a single coulis
  • Place into your bath water
  • Relax and enjoy the fizzing fragrance
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