Patisserie de Bain Cranberries & Cream Mini Bath Bombs

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Wonderful Fizzing bath bombs with an inviting fragrance

You probably look forward to your time in the bath anyway, but you won’t be able to wait for that period of relaxation when you can enjoy some great fragrance and a liberal does of fizz!


  • Attractive retro sweet jar
  • Gorgeous gift
  • Fun and funky
  • Cranberries and cream fragrance

The gorgeous Patisserie de Bain Cranberries & Cream Mini Bath Bombs are undeniably pretty in pink! Pop 3 or 4 of the bombs into your warm bath water and they will fizz away releasing the fabulous fragrance of fresh cranberries and luscious cream. Better still, the mini bombs are presented in a funky retro jar that would grace your bathroom with an attractive decorative feature.

A wonderful treat for you or an affordable yet impressive gift for any occasion, the Cranberries & Cream Mini Bath Bombs Jar delivers fine fragrance to lighten your life!

Directions for Use

  • Take 3-4 mini bath bombs
  • Place into your bath water
  • Relax and enjoy the fizzing fragrance
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