Patisserie de Bain Rhubarb & Custard Hand Cream 50ml


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Luxurious and nourishing hand cream with a unique fragrance

With this wonderful hand cream, the funky retro look is partnered by a suitably nostalgic fragrance. You really can’t beat the wonderful aroma of rhubarb and custard, a sweet aroma which takes you back to your childhood.


  • Lovely gift
  • Infused with glycerine and shea butter
  • Beautifully moisturises your skin
  • Nostalgic rhubarb and custard fragrance

The Patisserie de Bain Rhubarb & Custard Hand Cream is enriched with gorgeous shea butter and glycerine to beautifully moisturise your skin. Your hands will feel wonderfully silky smooth and whilst they are nourished and rejuvenated you can enjoy the sweet and enticing aroma of those little childhood treats. With a fragrance that is sure to get you noticed, this fine hand cream is the perfect choice for daily moisturising.

Presented in a handy tube with a pleasing retro design, Rhubarb & Custard Hand Cream can always travel with you so it’s there when you need it but also provides a fabulous yet affordable gift for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life.

Directions for Use

  • Unscrew the tube’s cap
  • Squeeze out a little hand cream
  • Massage the cream into your hands
  • Pay special attention to any dry areas of skin
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