Paul Mitchell MVRCK Skin Tonic 215ml

Brand: Paul Mitchell


Refreshing mist to soothe and hydrate dry skin

Lightweight and incredibly uplifting, Paul Mitchell MVRCK Skin Tonic provides an invigorating pick-me-up for your skin. A blend of cooling menthol and refreshing agave citrus feels wonderfully soothing every time. Your skin will be suitably calmed but also beautifully hydrated.

The perfect facial toner to energise your skin after shaving, it feels and smells simply fabulous and ensures that your skin is the best that it can be every day. Trust us, you won’t want to be without this revitalising tonic which is sure to become an essential feature of your daily grooming routine.


  • Lightweight
  • Energising
  • Infused with menthol and agave citrus
  • Uplifting feel
  • Invigorating aroma
  • Hydrates your skin

How to Use

  • Mist onto skin before or after shaving
  • Alternatively, apply to a hot towel and place over your face
Skin Type:
No Nasties:
Cruelty Free
No Nasties:
No Nasties:
No Nasties:
Paraben Free
No Nasties:
Gluten Free
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