Paul Mitchell Neon Sugar Twist Tousle Cream 200ml

Brand: Paul Mitchell

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Get unintentional look soft wave perfection

Paul Mitchell Neon Sugar Twist Tousle Cream helps you to create the bed-head, beach-babe hair of your dreams with maximum impact from minimum effort.

Utilising the power of sugar for the sweetest styling impact without any sign of residue, crispiness or stickiness, the cream works hard to add the texture you need in order to create the styles you always wanted. Soft, natural and with a look that others will admire, prepare for others to be in envy of how you manage to own such style superiority.

Of course, as well as this, hair condition is enhanced with softness and shine being your beauty right. Feel free to flick your hair as your tousled tresses impress with every step you take.


  • Create natural looking waves for a stunning bed-head, beach-babe look
  • Hair is more manageable with a noticeable softness
  • No stickiness, hardness or tell-tale residue
  • Has a fresh, addictive aroma

Directions for Use

  • Spritz on to freshly cleansed, towel dried hair in sections then leave to dry naturally or defuse
  • Run the fingers through the hair or give the head a gentle shake for style perfection
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Flat/Lifeless Hair
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Cruelty Free
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