Paul Mitchell Neuro Brush (3 Sizes)

Brand: Paul Mitchell


Titanium heat retention barrel for a professional smooth finish

Blow drying is certainly an art and every artist will enhance their creativity when they benefit from the finest tools! The Paul Mitchell Neuro® Brush is ergonomically designed and boasts outstanding heat retention.  It is the brush that will help to make styling your hair much easier.

Available in three sizes:

  • Small 1.29"
  • Medium 1.69"
  • Large 2"

The Neuro Brush creates fabulous looks with impressive shine.  The vented titanium barrel offers superior performance over ceramic brushes with its excellent heat retention as this reduces drying times. The nylon, anti-static corkscrew bristles are heat resistant up to 500°F (260°C) and create a wonderfully smooth and glossy finish. The Neuro Brush® also features a seamless design with an ergonomic soft-touch handle for your comfort. The brush is light and beautifully balanced to make styling simple and is available in three sizes.


  • Creates a smooth finish
  • Vented titanium barrel for heat retention
  • The nylon, anti-static corkscrew bristles
  • Bristles heat-resistant to 500°F (260°C)
  • Seamless, ergonomic design
  • Light and perfectly balanced
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