Perspirex Strong Antiperspirant Roll On 20ml

Brand: Perspirex

RRP: £8.49
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Antiperspirant roll on for minimising sweat and odour for 5 days

Suitable for all skin types, the Perspirex Strong Antiperspirant Roll-On effectively minimises excessive sweat and odour for 5 days. 

Formulated for people with severe perspiration, the Perspirex Original Antiperspirant offers long-lasting maximum dryness.

With just one application, this perfume free antiperspirant will help you to radiate with confidence with its high-strength protection.


  • Perspirex maximum protection
  • 5 days protection
  • Perfume free formula

How to Use

  • Apply at night to completely dry and unbroken skin
  • No need to re-apply in the morning

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