PharmaClinix Moisturix Cream for Men 50ml

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Now Men too can enjoy the benefit of having a moisturised face while being protected from sun damage!

The first sun-protection Moisturising cream especially developed for Asian & darker skin-toned Men!

Moisturix SPF25 gives you a 24-hour moisturising, leaving your skin supple & hydrated all day!

Moisturix is the latest scientifically developed cream for protecting the skin while keeping it soft and smooth!

Moisturix SPF25

  • Is designed to give Instant moisture relief with a long lasting soothing effect
  • Has an SPF of 25, which is the optimum protection from the harmful effects of the sun, therefore preventing further darkening and premature ageing of the skin
  • Promotes cell rejuvenation and renewal of the skin cells, while the anti-oxidants provide extra protection against the free radicals and pollution
  • Is fresh and protective 'anti stress' cream, perfect for everyday living and is harmonising for the skin

Directions: Apply morning & at night on a freshly cleansed face. Gently massage into the skin.

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