PharmaClinix Photo Agex 30ml

PharmaClinix Photo Agex 30ml

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Photo Agex is a peel & rejuvenation night cream consisting of a combination of high strength acids & anti-oxidants for photo-damaged skin.

Photo ageing is the result of accumulated skin damage caused by UV radiation over the years. Most of the skin changes that occur, as we get older are accelerated by sun exposure.

Examples of skin changes from photo ageing include:

  • Leathery skin
  • Dark spots/age spots
  • Broken blood vessels
  • Droopy skin
  • Yellow tinge
  • Wrinkles

UVB wavelengths have the greatest superficial effect; while UVA exposure causes significant changes, at the deeper layers.

This is because as the skin ages, it is unable to produce sufficient anti-oxidants to mop up the free radicals & begins to damage the fibroblasts & melanocytes in the dermis.

The structure of the dermis, especially the collagen & elastin fibres gradually deteriorate. The skin becomes drier, rougher and often thicker; whereas thread veins and wrinkles slowly develop. In some people, however, the epidermis becomes thinner and more fragile. In addition, the tanning cells gradually stop functioning in a consistent fashion, resulting in a “blotchy” complexion.

Most other photo-ageing products use one alpha hydroxy-acid with one vitamin to combat this damage.

Directions for Use

  • Apply sparingly on clean damp skin at night.
  • Total sun protection (e.g. SPF 50) during the day is compulsory, as the superficial layer of skin is partially removed by Photo Agex.


  • May cause tingling, which subsides after 5 minutes
  • Superficial redness & flaking is normal & will subside in a week