Phyto Keratine Repairing Heat Protecting Spray 150ml

Brand: Phyto

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A heat-protective spray which smooths and strengthens damaged/weak hair types

The Phyto Keratine Repairing Heat Protecting Spray 150ml is a heat-protective spray which effectively repairs the substance of damaged hair while protecting it against high temperatures and breakage during styling, blow-drying or straightening.

Enriched in Botanical Keratin and Hyaluronic Acid, it ensures an optimal moisturising rate. Natural thermo-active Grape extract protects the hair from heat effects.


  • Protects and strengthens the hair
  • Ideal for those with damaged/brittle hair
  • Minimises the damaging effects from heat during styling
  • Hydrates and smooths

How to Use

  • Spray onto the lengths and ends of clean, damp hair
  • Comb hair and style as usual
  • Use before blow-drying or straightening to repair and protect the hair from heat
  • Can also be used on dry hair for easier styling
  • Leave-in care
Hair Concerns:
Damaged & Chemically Treated Hair
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