Promensil Original 30 Tablets

Brand: Promensil


Relieves symptoms of the Menopause

If you are fearing the menopause or are already experiencing unpleasant symptoms, we have the perfect solution! Promensil Original tablets help to redress the hormonal imbalances that are wreaking havoc on your body. This dietary supplement could be all the help you need.

Promensil original tablets provide 40mg of high strength, standardised Red Clover isoflavones. These are naturally occurring oestrogens which mimic the oestrogen in your body. Suitable for vegans, they won’t cause weight gain and provide a convenient solution to an age-old problem. Backed by 15 years of scientific research, Promensil supports your body through the change and reduces the impact of the symptoms you may experience. Why not ensure that you continue to feel fabulous every day the natural way?


  • Natural supplement
  • Clinically tested
  • Eases symptoms of the menopause
  • Safe and convenient

How to Use

  • Take one or two tablets daily with your main meal and a cold drink
  • Take the tablet at the same time each day
  • Use for a minimum of 12 weeks
30 Tablets
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