Proto-Col Green Magic Powder 100g


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An easily absorbed targeted boost of vitamins and minerals

Proto-Col Green Magic Powder combines 16 potent and naturally formulated super foods that are believed to have proven benefits to both the body as well as the mind.

Available in an easy to digest powder to drink formulation, the powder increases energy and a feeling of well-being, contains the same nutrients as 7 servings of fruit and vegetables, helps to restore a youthful glow to tired and dull looking skin, assists with a healthy immune system and can help maintain cardiovascular health and benefits the digestive system.

Suitable for all ages, Green Magic Powder is the perfect store cupboard essential for all the family, addressing individual needs and deficiencies and helping to create optimum health for all.


  • A combination of 16 superfoods
  • Contains the same nutrients as 7 servings of fruit and vegetables
  • Suitable for any age
  • Optimises bodily functions and overall health

How to Use

Mix with your choice of water, fruit juice or milk varieties for a healthy drink.

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