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Collagen supplement to aid new cell and tissue regeneration

Contains 90 Capsules.

Pure-Col is a 100% hydrolysed Collagen matrix, generated by a unique enzymatic process and re-modulated by AminoLock Sequence Technology.
Collagen is known as the "glue of life" and it is the substance that holds the cells of the body together. Cartilage consists of 67% Collagen and it is essential for the production of new cells and tissue.

Pure-Col Overview

Collagen is a major structural protein which provides protection and support to soft tissues and connects them with the skeleton. Collagen accounts for approximately 25% of all the protein in the body.

Beneath the outer layer of skin lies the dermis, a network of connective tissue made up of several components – fat cells, fibroblasts and collagen. These fibres and elastin provides skin’s resilience and give it support in the form of a glue-like matrix that holds the cells together. When these are all in equilibrium skin appears smooth, firm and supple.

Collagen Facts

Collagen is the primary support structure of skin. It gives skin strength and suppleness as well as an inherent ability to retain moisture, and makes up about 90% of dermal volume. With ageing, and as a result of exposure to the sun, collagen fibre components begin to weaken, become less pliable and tougher. The result is the development of dry, wrinkled skin that has lost its inherent elasticity.

Pure-Col may arrest and reverse this condition.

In the first 45-90 minutes of sleep your body goes into alpha sleep mode. At this stage the body goes into a repair and rebuild or "rejuvenation" mode. As we grow older this process slows down. Our bodies no longer function as we were when younger to produce the collagen or amino acids required to keep our skin looking radiant or our bodies tight and strong.

This special collagen supplement is a natural source of collagen protein that can be absorbed by the body during sleep. It is formulated with pure collagen. This special formula allows the protein to be bio-available, ready to assist the body in the production of healthy tissue.

How to Use

  • Take 3 capsules with water at least 2 hours after eating and just before going to sleep.
  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily.
  • It is recommended to take a 3-month course of Pure-Col collagen.
90 Capsules

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