Redken Clean Maniac Hair Cleansing Cream 1000ml

Brand: Redken


Specialised shampoo which prepares hair for chemical treatments

Are you preparing your hair for chemical treatments? If so, it is important that your locks are in the best possible condition. You need to cleanse like a maniac and happily you can with Redken Clean Maniac Hair Cleansing Cream!

Featuring a formula enriched with chelating agents to remove mineral deposits, this specialised cleansing shampoo ensures that you will enjoy optimal results from any chemical treatments. Deeply cleansing and clarifying your hair, the shampoo removes all traces of copper, iron and any build-up of styling products. Fruit acids are included to strengthen the cuticle and to add that all-important shine. Your tresses will be left feeling refreshed and glossy whilst being fortified for what is to come. Simply alternate with your usual shampoo for the best results.


  • Prepares hair for chemical treatments
  • Deeply cleanses
  • Removes mineral deposits and product build-up
  • Adds shine

Directions for Use

  • Alternate with your usual shampoo
  • Apply to wet hair
  • Massage into a lather
  • Rinse well
  • Repeat if required
  • To remove excessive build-up, leave in for 5-10 minutes
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