Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry Detangling Conditioner 1000ml


The Secret to a Lightweight Shine

Formulated with a blend of amla extract and coriander oil, Redken's diamond oil glow dry conditioner (1000ml) revitalises and hydrates the hair. Resulting in a lightweight shine and leaving the hair feeling fresh and airy.

A perfect choice for daily use to keep the hair feeling nourished throughout the day alongside using in conjuction with Redken's diamond oil glow dry shampoo...


  • Formulated with amla extract and coriander oil
  • Added shine
  • Revitalises and hydrates the hair
  • Perfect for daily use

Directions of Use

  • Apply after using Redken's diamond oil glow dry shampoo
  • Apply through wet hair
  • Run through hair ensuring all areas are covered
  • Rinse well after applying
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