Redken No Blow Dry Bossy Cream for Coarse, Wild Hair 150ml

RRP: £19.55
(You save £4.90 )

Speeds up air drying and tames frizz whilst enhancing texture in thicker hair

If you are short on time or taking a break from blow drying you can still boss your thick hair around a little and scrunch it into shape! Enhancing manageability and speeding up air drying times, Redken No Blow Dry NBD Bossy Cream delivers effortless style every time.


  • Ideal for thick hair
  • Delivers faster air-drying
  • Enhances texture and tames frizz
  • Perfect for effortless style
  • No-product feel

Thicker hair can be problematic when time is at a premium but fear not! NBD Bossy Cream puts you back in control of your tresses, even when you are drying on the fly. Featuring Redken’s advanced Air-Tex technology, this cream utilises flexible polymers to enhance control and movement whilst quick-dry polymers speed up drying times. Frizz is tamed and texture is enhanced for natural looking yet controlled style.

Perfect for creating beachy waves, defined curls and bouncy waves with volume at the root, NBD Bossy Cream delivers manageable locks and impressive texture with a no-product feel.

Directions for Use

  • Wash your hair and towel dry
  • Work a small amount of the cream evenly into your hair
  • Scrunch or twist
  • Air dry
  • For loose, beachy waves create a loose braid, allow hair to dry and then undo braid
  • For tight beachy waves create several braids, allow to dry and then undo the braids
  • For a soft bend by your face tuck your hair behind your ears, allow to dry and then tousle
  • For bouncy waves with volume at the root, twist your hair into a top knot, allow to dry, undo and brush gently.
  • For tousled waves twist hair into low buns, allow to dry and then gently brush
  • For defined curls, twist curls into shape with your fingers and allow to dry
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