Regenerate Advanced Enamel Serum Kit

Brand: Regenerate


Regenerate Enamel Mineral For Healthy Teeth

80% of common tooth problems are caused by enamel erosion and acid attacks. Enamel is the outer coating of the tooth which protects the core underneath. In spite of its hardness, it gets eroded - day after day - by the erosion process of modern diet and lifestyle. REGENERATE Enamel Science is the only formulation with NR-5 technology which helps to regenerate enamel mineral* and reverse the early erosion process, helping to keep teeth strong and healthy.


  • NR-5 Serum 16ml
  • Activator Gel 16ml
  • 2x Soft Mouth Trays
  • 1x Mixing Stick

Used for 3 minutes, 3 days, once a month , it unleashes a concentrated enamel mineral boost which wraps and integrates onto your teeth. This boost effectiveness of REGENERATE Advanced Toothpaste by 43%**.

NR-5 was developed in partnership with dentists from International Oral Health Research Centres with 9 years of detal research and 5 international patents***.

*Acts on early invisible stages of enamel erosion. Helps to regenerate enamel by restoring its mineral content and micro hardness with regular use. Clinically proven.

**As demonstrated in a 3 day in vitro test measuring enamel hardness: combined use of Advanced Toothpaste and Advanced Enamel Serum vs Advanced Toothpaste only.

***Patents granted and patents pending.

Please note: EU delivery only.

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