Regenerate Advanced Toothpaste

Brand: Regenerate

£2.50 - £7.99

Advanced toothpaste to keep the teeth strong and healthy

Formulated with clinically proven patented NR-5™ technology, this advanced toothpaste effectively regenerates enamel mineral and reverses the early erosion process to protect the teeth against cavities, acid and decay whilst restoring whiteness.

Designed for daily use, the dense formula features a high concentration of ingredients that combined generate a fresh supply of enamel mineral every time you brush, which wraps and integrates onto the teeth to help repair and strengthen with continued use.

Offering both immediate and long term results, you can look forward to your healthiest and strongest teeth yet.


  • Fresh mint sensation 
  • Regenerates enamel mineral 
  • Promotes healthy, strong teeth 
  • Unique NR-5™ technology
  • Restores natural whiteness to the teeth

How to Use

Use daily, at least twice a day in place of your regular toothpaste.

EU delivery only
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