Revlon Be Fabulous Daily Care Normal/Thick Hair Anti Age Serum 80ml

Brand: Revlon Professional

RRP: £18.00
(You save £4.35 )

Fight back against ageing with this premium serum for normal to thick hair

Just like the skin, hair can show visible signs of ageing that can be accelerated by styling and colouring too. It’s time to make ageing hair a thing of the past and welcome back hair that is noticeably more youthful.

The Revlon Be Fabulous Daily Care Normal/Thick Hair Anti-Age Serum has declared war on hair that is starting to show the effects of time. Formulated to repair any tell-tale damage, keep true colour at its most vibrant and restore vitality, hair will appear younger and refreshed. With a naturally healthy shine, hair feels softer and with renewed vigour, making it easier to style.


  • Suitable for normal to thick hair
  • Repairs damage caused by time
  • Locks in moisture
  • Adds natural shine
  • Makes the hair soft and supple

How to Use

  • Towel dry the hair then add the serum to the ends and lengths
  • Leave-in without rinsing
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