Revlon Be Fabulous Hair Recovery Ends Repair Serum 80ml

RRP: £18.00
(You save £4.01 )

A premium treatment to help restore dry and damaged hair to its former glory

Our hair is put through a lot on a daily basis, meaning that damage is unavoidable with tell-tale signs such as dull colour, split-ends and a visible lack of lustre.


  • Formulated to aid total hair recovery
  • Works from the inside-out
  • Adds natural shine and moisture
  • Restores hair texture
  • Reduces split ends and brittleness

The Revlon Be Fabulous Hair Recovery Ends Repair Serum has been formulated to tackle all of these problems and helps to restore hair to its optimum condition. Split ends are less noticeable, and any damage to the hair-shaft reduced. With the repair serum strengthening the hair’s cuticle, brittleness becomes a thing of the past and natural moisture returns. As the hair is nourished from the core, a visible vibrancy and natural healthy shine becomes obvious once more, meaning you can hold your head high whatever the occasion.

Directions for Use

  • Apply to the ends of towel-dried hair
  • Dry and style as preferred
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