Revlon Equave Kids Conditioning Shampoo Apple 300ml

Brand: Revlon Professional

RRP: £11.00
(You save £2.35 )

A conditioning shampoo for gentle yet effective shampooing for kids

Children’s hair needs to be treated without any harshness in order to not only avoid tears and tantrums, but have hair that is healthy and easy to maintain.

Revlon Professional Equave Kids Conditioning Shampoo has been specially formulated to be gentle yet effective. Dispensing as a gel but going on to the hair as an easy to distribute foam that kids will love, the shampoo has the addition of apple extract which adds moisture and shine as well as a refreshing aroma!

Suitable for children aged 3 to 12 for daily use, this conditioning formula will clean, detangle and nourish, for hair that is easy to comb and looks shiny and healthy every day. 


  • Suitable for children aged 3 to 12
  • Adds moisture for soft, manageable styling
  • De-tangles for easy combing
  • Can be used daily
  • Easy to use gel to foam formulation
  • Green apple fragrance

How to Use

  • Apply to wet hair and work through
  • Rinse well
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